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With 46 years of experience treating hemorrhoids, anal fissures, perianal itching/ burning, and other anorectal conditions Dr.Cranford helps restore normal bowel function call us to make an appointment today!

Bleeding / pain after BM's


Hemorrhoidal and anal fissure disease are the most common causes of bleeding from the colon/anorectum.

Painful BM's

Anal Fissure

Can be many things, but anal fissure is a leading cause of severe acute pain during/after bowel activity.

Itchy, Painful / burning Rectum

Pruritus Ani "anal itching"

Has many causes but is usually related to hemorrhoidal disease and diet/lifestyle.

There is usually nothing offered for the patient but the choice between home remedies, pain-easing drugs, or surgical operation requiring hospitalization. Dr. Cranford offers a positive, more scientific and less painful approach to rectal care.


A healthy lifestyle starts with your bowel.

Try Dr.Cranford’s all nature stool softener.  Col-eze absorbs water, and helps the bowel lead to normal movements. 

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