Anal Skin tags

Anal skin tags (also known as rectal tags or perianal tags) are no different from those found around other parts of the body.  They may grow right on or around the outer part of rectum or just in the folds of buttocks.  They may even grow over the buttocks because they easily fold and form creases.  Individuals who have anal skin tags may not even know it because they are normally not painful although they can cause itching.  Most will notice these bumps when they wipe themselves after using the bathroom.  It is not uncommon to mistake skin tags for hemorrhoids or warts since they both present as bumps around the anal opening.   The presence of the tag usually indicates an earlier anorectal condition that wasn’t treated properly and caused the tag to form.  It is important for their removal to maintain proper hygiene, but not always recommended, depending on size and consistencey.

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