Diet gone wrong, constipation can lead to discomfort

Constipation is usually associated with having hard stools that are difficult to pass. The colon absorbs water from waste material as it passes through and so causes the stool to get drier and harder the longer it remains there. This leads to pushing and straining, and that is a situation to be avoided. Straining in this way puts vascular (blood) pressure on the sensitive rectal tissues, causing them to expand, which is how hemorrhoids and inflamed papillae are formed.

Nearly everyone has experienced short bouts of constipation. It is when it becomes chronic that it becomes a concern. There can be any of several causes including not enough dietary fiber, not enough water, not enough exercise, inconsistent bowel habits, some medications, some foods, and others.

In general, constipation not only accompanies most rectal diseases but it is frequently the cause of them. It is evidence of functional impairment or obstruction at some point in the intestinal tract and is one of the most harmful disorders you can have. It accompanies, worsens and “locks in” a wide range of health disorders and saps the vitality of anyone trying to recover their health.

Correction of the existing rectal disorder generally relieves constipation and in many cases entirely eliminates it. However, habitual use of laxative or cathartic drugs moves you that much farther from permanent relief and may even contribute to many rectal diseases.

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