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Bowel and
Stool Softener

Stool softener and cleanser all in one tablet

COL-EZE is a prodefecatory / stool softener consisting of natural botanicals, hydrophilic and cleansing agents designed by Dr. Cranford.  There are many stool softeners/bowel cleansers on the market, but COL-EZE contains a unique blend of naturally occurring substances that provide a soothing effect on the irritated bowel and relief for the individual with a history of constipation or “lazy bowel syndrome”.  Many people who suffer from chronic constipation use harmful laxatives (Cascara sagrada, Senna) which, over the long term, can cause a “laxative dependency”.

Restore bowel function for better mornings

Natural Ingredients


hydrophyllic-bulk forming agent

Calcium Carbonate

internal cleanser, detoxifier


demulcent, emollient


demulcent, emollient


probiotic which retains/maintains normal bowel flora

Prune Powder


Aloe Vera


Detoxification to help any bowel

COL-EZE is a hydrophyllic, meaning it absorbs water, expands and causes mechanical pressure on the bowel wall and this leads to normal bowel movements.  It also has a cleansing, detoxifying action (calcium carbonate) which assist to remove harmful toxins and contaminates from the colon.  This product can be used without developing dependency and has no known side effects.

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